Another great day tripping around the Southern Vales . . . . .

After a leisurely start to the day and a quick trip South, Meagan and her visitors jumped right into the tastings at Paxton Wines enjoying the bi-dynamic results of David and the teams efforts leading to past vintages. After a quick retail indulgence it was off to sample some of Oliver’s Taranga Vineyards marvelous wares. More was added to the collection and then off to Coriole for something to eat and some more tasting. Meanwhile Wayne(our resident cellar rat) was of spending his hard earned pasos on wine at Rosemount’s Annual Easter Sale(again) After a delicious lunch and some tasty sample it was on to Samuel Gorge. Upon arrival it was obvious what time of the year it was. That’s right . . . . new vintage release weekend. Well a lovely time was spent there and the new releases were getting the “thumbs up” as were Justin and the team at cellar door. A last minute stop at Paxton Wines for some more additions to the cellar and it was a quick hop home to end the day.

We at Adelaide Mini Bus thank Meagan and her friends for choosing us and hope they will join us again for another “wander through the vineyards”.


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